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Ben Brown

Electronics and Embedded Systems Engineering

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About Me

I’m Ben Brown, and Australian Electronics and Embedded Systems engineer. Well close, technically I am still finishing my degree in computer engineering and computer science.

However I have been working in the industry since 2011, with full time work engagements during 2015/2016 alongside (some) study.

I’m based in NSW Australia and happy to be contacted via social media or email, for questions,comments etc :).


A brief overview of my main strengths.

  • C# development for both embedded computers and desktop applications
  • Electronics design & manufacture for customised solutions
  • Microcontroller programming


  • [2010/2011] First inital battery life monitoring system for Lead Acid Batteries.
  • [2011] GPS based products working for Hummingbird Electronics
  • [2011] Lithium battery life prediction boards
  • [2012] Work on embedded dataloggers for electrical power
  • [2013] Led Matrix signs and programming
  • [2012-2015] Design work for unmanned surface water vessels, including power management as well as control logic.
  • [2016+] eBike Battery life monitoring and battery like prediction unit
  • [2016+] Advanced modular control system modelling and design