ES1006 Barcode Scanner

Review The ES1006 is a tiny (really tiny) barcode scanner module available online from the usual places. The unit supports operating as a USB keyboard, and a UART output for the scanned barcodes. Pinout Pin Name Dir Description 1 NC Input BOOT0 - Used to enter bootloader 2 VCC Input 5V Power Input (3.3V LDO onboard) 3 GND Input Ground 4 Rx Input Serial Rx - 9600 Baud 5 Tx Output Serial Tx - 9600 Baud 6 USB D- I/O USB D- 7 USB D+ I/O USB D+ 8 NC Input SWCLK (PA14) 9 BUZZ Output Signal for Buzzer, 2Khz,150ms after scan done 10 LED Output Signal for LED,on for 650ms after scan done 11 NC I/O SWDIO - PA13 12 TRIG Input Scan trigger, active low

July 6, 2017 · 1 min · Ben V. Brown